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For Such A Time As This

The book of Esther is an amazing story with intriguing characters. From the god-like Xerxes who appears to this day in the video game Assassins Creed II, and Frank Miller’s film 300, to Esther the orphan girl raised by her cousin Mordecai, and the scoundrel Haman, complex characters to say the least.

Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle states, “God is never mentioned in the book. Esther is not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. Except for explaining the origins of the Jewish feast of Purim, the book seems entirely secular and without any remote reference to God. No one prays, no miracles happen, and God never shows up in any way.” (

Pastor Mark sparks our interest with this great sermon teaser!

Do you ever wonder if God is at work in your life, in your struggles?

The beautiful story of Esther is a story of imperfect people. The story begins with a king who is quite full of himself. From the vantage point of society, he had good reason to be full of himself. He was ruler of a huge empire that he ruled over 127 provinces from India to Sudan. (Esther 1:1)

For six months, he wowed all his military underlings with a lavish party that culminated with a weeklong closing ceremony that would rival any Super Bowl ceremony. The king indulged his guest showing them his great wealth and power and they all consumed great amounts of wine. The military men and leaders of areas of Xerxes empire now drunk from a weeklong binge, not a pretty site.

Now ladies, imagine for a moment, your drunk husband requesting you to come over so all his drunk buddies can check you out. Not happening! When he didn’t get his own way, he became angry. Vulnerable to flattery by his advisors, he was master of a mighty empire but not master of himself. The king gets rid of queen Vashti at the advise of his attendants, and replaces her with Esther.

A person who is beautiful on the inside is truly a person who stands out in a crowd and this was Esther. Maybe, you are thinking, “Well, Esther is about to have it made and have a great life. It is easy to have a beautiful spirit when your life is good.” Consider this, who you are does not depend on your circumstances. It is your circumstances that reveal who you really are.

The unmentioned God in the book of Esther saved His people, and the unseen God today, is still at work, accomplishing His will. Will you be faithful to him, “at such a time as this?”

Read  the story of Esther. At the end of this story, you will have determined if God showed up, or not.

Grace Filled Love


The Voice of the Martyrs, a ministry to the persecuted church co-founder Sabina Wurmbrand wasn’t always a follower of Jesus. Sabina told her husband, “I don’t need him. It isn’t natural. We’re Jewish-it’s another way of life.” Eventually Sabina surrendered her heart to Jesus Christ and became a Christian. This was remarkable considering they lived in very difficult times during a Communist State making Christianity frowned upon. Her husband Richard, who was lovingly patient, modeled his faith in Christ, which convinced Sabina to step into a relationship with the Savior. Richard’s love for Sabina created a trust toward him that allowed her to eventually trust in the Lord. (Sabina Wurmbrand, The Pastors Wife, Bartlesville, OK: Vom Books, 1070, 2005, p.75.)

Sabina experienced a grace filled love. What are the effects of grace filled love in your life? What would happen if Christ followers graciously loved people, even the unlovely?

Ruth could answer these questions! In the book of Ruth you will find God’s hand of grace extended in an amazing way through Boaz toward Ruth, and the aroma of that grace flowing over to her mother-in-law Naomi as she moves from bitterness to blessedness. Boaz was to become the “kinsman redeemer.” We have a redeemer in Christ Jesus. The book of Acts says, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)